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Leading By Example Pioneering the home business in Addis.

Maya Angelou

'The ache for home lives in all of us,
the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.'

Maya Angelou


Flintstone's Madiden Project

Pioneering the home business in Addis.

Leading By Example

Who we are


Flintstone Engineering was founded in 1992. Two decades of sustained growth led to the present day Flintstone, with annual revenues of Birr 500 million (ca. USD 25,000,000) generated from contracts and real estate. In 2007, Flintstone was the first construction company in Ethiopia to have its quality management system certified to ISO 9000 standard. Flintstone Homes, the real estate wing, was launched in 2009 and since then, 1,483 units were sold and over 600 delivered so far with as many more scheduled for del Flintstone has ventured in small scale into the Tanzanian market as well. Recently, after a rigorous evaluation process that involved Tanzanian official visits to Addis Ababa, Flintstone has been awarded a few state housing contracts in M’twara in the south and in the capital city, Dar El Salam.ivery before the end of 2014.

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Location: Ledeta (shop)



Location: Ledeta(shop)




Location: Ledeta(shop)


Area :8m2

Location: ledeta (shop)


: 22 Mazoria
: Oasis

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Latest News & Events

First News

30 November 2015
First News

Flintstone homes finished it’s preparation to build town houses and apartments in 9100 kare meter Area around legetfo , this project along with shebela,Awarea ,Semit,Gemo, Mixeico, Debrazeyt and Addis Ababa projects are planned to make the Flintstone real-estate business have higher rank. 

Second News

30 November 2015
Second News

Flintstone homes sponsor bole gergi union sport club players a complete club uniform and sport materials to support the team which participate in Addis Ababa city government national leg and Flintstone homes will continue building the relationship with the team.

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