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Aday Beshale project is biggest urban complex Flintstone homes has ever embarked aday beshale is located in one of the areas that    symbolizes the unprecedented and ever increasing new expansion and development of Addis. This neighborhood, modern dwelling area in many sense of the term, is surrounded with many state-of -the art mixed-use buildings for residences and mixed use built-ups. Access for the city light train route that passes through this neighborhood to and from Ayat village, the modern facilities makes this residence quite livable location that takes few minute drives on a modern highway road to Megenagna, a minibus Taxi hub for many regular Taxi users. Salite Maryam Church, at the crossroad, is one of gorgeous landmarks in this location.


 Aday Beshalea

Payment terms

HOUSE TYPE One bed room Two bed room Three bed room
AREA M2 41.03 63.03 85.17
1ST & 2nd Floor 685,000  715,000  945,000
3rd&4th FLOOR 675,000  705,000  935,000
5th&6th FLOOR 665,000 995,000 925,000
7TH&8TH FLOOR 655,000 985,000 915,000
9TH&10th FLOOR 645,000 975,000 905,000
11th FLOOR 435,000 965,000 895,000
12th FLOOR 435,000 965,000 895,000


Payment Milestone

At completion of foundation15%3

Advance 30% 0
At completion of foundation 15% 3
At completion of 3th floor slab 10% 7
At completion of 6th floor slab 10% 11
At completion of 9th floor slab 10% 15
At completion of 12th floor slab 10% 20
At completion of doors 5% 22
At occupation 5% 28
At submission of documents necessary for transfer of title deed 5% 30