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Just in front of Lideta Mercato, the final design of a manufacturing building that will house small and micro manufacturing enterprises is being completed. This building will be the first of its kind, as its neighbor Lideta Mercato is, in the Addis cityscape. Located at the center of a high density sub city, it will provide small business owners an unprecedented opportunity to buy a turnkey manufacturing shops, ranging from 10 to 40 square meters in size. The shops will be stratified into six levels for different small scale industries, namely, sewing, locksmith, tableware, hot stamping, shoe accessories, gems cutting/faceting/polishing. In addition ample space for parking, loading unloading at lower levels, also serving as Sunday markets on weekends, will be provided. The top most floors will be for pool offices. All shops will have their respective machinery supplied by Flintstone and owners will only need to show up with their entrepreneurial and industrial skill to run their business. The building will be marketed under the name of Flintstone Manufacturing.

Manufacturing Price List & Payment Terms

Price List Round 1

Original Price with VAT Monthly payment with VAT (35 months) 36th month payment (Left over) 37th month payment (2.5% retention) 36th month payment (2.5% Retention)
Apparel/Garment 395,000.00 10,000.00 25,250.00 9,875.00 9,875.00
Leather 395,000.00 10,000.00 25,250.00 9,875.00 9,875.00
Footwear 895,000.00 24,000.00 10,250.00 22,375.00 22,375.00
Printing 595,000.00 16,000.00 5,250.00 14,875.00 14,875.00


Payment Milestone

Advance 0
At completion of Foundation 9
At completion of 2nd Floor Slab 13
At completion of 4th Floor Slab 18
At completion of 6th Floor Slab 24
At completion of doors and windows 27
At occupation 36
At submission of documents necessary for transfer of title deed 38