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Mexico Tower is a high rise building located in the central business distance of Addis, the Mexico area. The Mexico neighborhood in many aspects of urban life, is one of the focal and preferred areas or neighborhood in Addis where one could easily get access for what one may want in daily life. The Mexico tower is located down the way to Ledeta few hundred meters drive from the Mexico roundabout to the left of the landmark church, St Ledeta Maryam. The historic Police Hospital and the AAU Architectural and urban planning school sciences are some of the landmarks of the area. The location is notable for both residences as well as businesses, and pretty much accessible for the light train route and Taxis with in few meters distance. 


Around Mexico

Price List Round 2 ( Prices are in birr & without vat)

HOUSE TYPE  Area M2  5th-7th Floor 8th-10th Floor   11th-13th Floor   14th-16th Floor   17th-19th Floor   20th-22th Floor  
One bed room (MT 01 & 04) 46.26 910,000 890,000 870,000 850,000 830,000 810,000
Two bed room (MT 02 & 05) 79.66 1,495,000 1,475,000 1,455,000 1,435,000 1,415,000 1,395,000
Three bed room ( MT 03 & 06) 137.18 2,500,000 2,480,000 2,460,000 2,440,000 2,420,000 2,400,000


Payment Milestone

Advance 30% 0
At completion of Basement 15% 4
At completion of 4th Floor Slab 10% 8
At completion of 8th Floor Slab 10% 12
At completion of 14th Floor Slab 5% 15
At completion of 20th Floor Slab 5% 18
At completion of 23th Floor Slab 10% 22
At completion of doors and windows 5% 30
At occupation 5% 36
At submission of documents necessary for transfer of title deed 5%